Bamahas is also at the top of the list of Tehran restaurants in the FurScore app, "The app for ranking restaurants and places of interest internationally." Having Bamahas's first and second rankings in this app reflects the satisfaction of customers and audience around the restaurant.


Special Bacon

A painting called special bacon of “Bamahas”

Each Sandwich in “Bamahas” is a design from a food designer. If you look on this sandwich, not only simply see it, but look on it, you will find out the beauty and mystery of this artistic painting.

Look into it: Look at the Twisted multiple layers of lamb fillet ham. Look at the uniformity of its tasty special sauce which includes fine and fragrant spices, its fresh tomato slices and crispy salty pickles ending up with a strip of chips, and Shiny sesame seed crispy bread wrapped between glossy, white, and, anti-fat paper. Look! Observe! Carefully! If this is not harmony, what shall we call it!?


Bacon Dragon

How to train your “Bacon Dragon”!?

Domesticating the “Bamahas” dragon is not everyone’s job, since the dragon is not a simple and skinny sandwich. The Dragon is one of the unique species in “Bamahas” land. It is mutated by three different hams which have their special production methods and formulations.

The dragon of “Bamahas” is an exciting and professional sandwich. The first step of this battle begins with the fresh and crispy bread that gets fresh and hot every morning to “Bamahas”. Only by one bite, you can pass this phase. Yet, when you release from the bread your tongue confronts with different tastes. 12 layers of 3 kinds of hams of chicken and beef are twisted together and shape the brain of this dragon when your bite sinks in, it now works. this battle gets attractive, when you try the jalapeno pepper and its special sauce. In the middle of battle and when you are discovering these various tastes, you will find the chopped parsley and crunchy tomatoes and salty pickles. Just at this moment, you feel good with this delicious Dragon. You will absolutely remember this experience and taste of this war for a long time.


Argentinian Sausage

The Hot Argentinian Sausage, and its taste of childhood sausage!

Many years ago, when the sausage and hams had their real and original taste, when we hung out and met up in a “sandwich bar”, it made us feel light and happy. These feelings are decreased by the modern lifestyle.

“Bamahas” Sausage is different from other sausages as it reminds you of those old days. These sausages do not have the taste of left-over oil. In contrast with other normal sausages, it reminds us of our childhood. “Bamahasians” called it the “Argentinian Sausage” because the recipe of this sandwich and the spices are from another side of the world, Argentina. The Argentinian Sausage is hot and fresh, because of its crispy bread, the sausage cooked by steam, and the delicious “Bamahas” sauce. The chilly spices, cheese and fresh onions and parsley, and the crushed chips boost its intimate, charming and, old look.


Roast Beef

Bahamas “Roast Beef”, a Velvet taste in the sandwich bar of your brain!

Most of the Sandwich lovers, know the “Bamahas” with its cold Sandwiches. But, some of the “Bamahas” customers, besides the fact that they like to eat hot sandwiches, are not satisfied with the 90% pure ham in sandwiches. They need real meat!

“Bamahas” respect these Bamahasians wish, to have a 100% meaty experience. For this reason, we add the “Bamahas Roast Beef” in our daily menu. “Bamahas Roast Beef” is updated in “Bamahas” menu. It means that on a daily bases it is supplied and roasted for costumers of the day. So, it’s price is also up to date. This roast beef is cooked without any oil and this is another reason of being healthy. Although the Bamahas roast beef is well cooked and grilled, its mixture with special sauces and spices make the Velvet taste that will be saved in your memories of sandwiches and you won’t forget ever it .