We, the Bahamas, believe that eating sandwiches as part of our eating is an important part of our lifestyle. That's why we design, produce and deliver the most delicious, quality and professional healthy sandwich. Even if we pay high costs for it. The life and lifestyle of human beings are valuable, so we must take full pleasure.

"Bamahas" is different because we think every bit of material can change the taste. Like life where the smallest things change in the simplest parts of it. As important as the Bamahas brand is, we use good and unfamiliar brands to make our sandwich ingredients. For example, for the sandwich bread we use crisp and sesame bread "Sahar" or for ham and cocktail top-class products such as "Michaelis" and "Rabat".

Bahamas is for those who care about these qualities more than any quantity in their lifestyle. We salute these Bamahas style customers.

The tastes are the bridges towards the world of experiences of our memories.
Just grab a “Bamahas” sandwich and put away its wrapped paper.

Special Bacon

Argentinian Sausage

Roast Beef

Bacon Dragon

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