Ehsan Savar

Founder and owner of bamahas collection
Born on 18/06/1984


An Adventure to days that we merely cannot recall them… Some special atmospheres are able to recall us some memorable moments. Some locations comprising special music, illustrations, and furniture which full of delighted instants of our lives. Moreover, the memorable tastes are up to remind us of the memorable times in our lives. It is possible to an ardent food critic succumbs to the original tastes. Do you remember the “Ratatouille” animation? We see how the food critic of the story throughout tasting a rustic, French cuisine, remember his memorable time in childhood, and the fate of the chef and his restaurant finally altered. The tastes are the bridges towards the world of experiences of our memories. Just grab a “Bamahas” sandwich and put away its wrapped paper. If this taste is created professionally, after the first bite, the colour and atmosphere of the world will change for you. A quick flashback to the nostalgic shops and old-fashioned tastes in your childhood will make you forget about life and routine works for a few minutes, and you can soar your imaginations to your beloved memories, to the time of gathering with your best friends, classmates, playmates, and whoever experiences the moments of togetherness. Traditionally, people have memories with sausages and hams. They have sweet, bitter, cheap, and expensive memories.

Although it has been about 90 years since this kind of sandwich came out and almost everyone has tasted it in our region; but “Bamahas” is for them, those care about quality and detail as remembering memories. They care about details affecting the final taste of the sandwich and, as a result, the important moments of eating and togetherness. “Bamahas” is different. So, we think of any little things that can change the taste. It is just like our life, where the little changes in its parts, can make a big difference. The Quality in Bamahas As the “Bamahas” is important for us, we make use of classy brands for making our sandwiches. For instance, for bread, we benefit from the crispy bread of “Sahar” or for hams and sausages we use the superfine product of “Mikaeelian” and “Robat” brand. Morning market, truly knows the “Bamahas”. We believe that if tomatoes, parsley or even pickles aren't crisp and fresh, we won’t be able to create a noble sandwich. For this reason, we distribute the remained bread, vegetables, and safflowers to the charity centers. Besides the special sauce, “Bamahas” creates such a delicious mixture that reminds us a hearty and forgotten taste of a real sandwich. Hot or cold, it does not matter; we make a taste in “Bamahas” that you don't even experience at home. The novel discovery in the field of experiencing a sandwich, takes place in “Bamahas”. “Bamahas” is the delicious choice for spending the simple times of our life, which we don't even think about it during the day. We greatly enjoy our ways, hope you are happy from your different sandwich discovery entitled by “Bamahas”.


Many people do not care about the quality that comes from this precision. But “Bamahas” is for who cares about these qualities more than any quantity in their lifestyle. Best regards to these customers, we created the style of “Bamahas”.
Enjoy Life, Your Way